Тесты Гиа по Английскому языку

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Тесты Гиа по Английскому языку

1. Have you ever wondered why horror stories are so popular? Horror films don’t usually contain characters with strong personalities or have strong stories like other films. We are not interested in Dracula’s psychological reasons for biting people. Most of us can’t remember what happens to Frankenstein’s monster when he isn’t running around terrifying people. Horror stories can be supernatural, biological or physical, and they can take place anywhere. The important thing about them is how they make people feel.

The trouble of the shark is that its oil (fat) ____________ widely in cosmetics for producing face and hand creams and in dietary food. People fish it illegally for the oil. Scientists say that if fishing is not stopped immediately, the dog-fish ______________ into the list of extinct creatures very soon.

Сборник тестов по английскому языку для 9 — 11 классов в формате ГИА и ЕГЭ (с тренировочными материалами)

1. A computer company has a special person who answers all questions that are sent to him. The person is a 63 year old man. He is known for always finding the right answers he does not look like a computer expert. Other companies do not have a place for people to ask questions. If they do, it may take a long time to get an answer. Sometimes you may never get an answer at all. It is important for companies to have a person who will answer your questions.

Steve, England
I’m against the death penalty, for, well, the main reason I’m against it, is that there’s always an element of doubt. You never know if someone really did murder someone, or. well, murder is usually the main reason for the death penalty, so there’s always an element of doubt. You can never be quite sure, so I think there’s always a risk, and you shouldn’t kill someone.

Unfortunately for many, home can be anything but a safe haven. Men and women alike may find their home a fierce battleground. For children it may be where they are most vulnerable to assault, misuse or deprivation, ironically at the very hands of those who have a duty to safeguard and nourish them. Even the elderly may have reason to fear those who should be their caretakers.

If your sister-in-law is much younger than you, then it will be very easy for you to win her over. Little girls love spending time with their big brother’s girlfriends, and you’re this little girl’s big brother’s wife, so she’s going to be elated to spend time with you. Play together with Barbie dolls, or ask her to help you decorate some Christmas cookies. Become her friend, and take an active interest in her, and she will love you forever.

Тесты ГИА по английскому языку

When parents are surveyed on the subject of favoritism, nearly all respondents say that despite their best efforts to the contrary, they have favored one child over another at least occasionally. “I see the frustration and behavior problems in our oldest child resulting from the favoritism their father shows our youngest child,” said one parent in response to a recent Vision survey on the topic. “It is a very serious problem in our family.”

A new «grannies-for-rent» service in Poland brings together elderly people without families, and people who miss having real grandparents. A local University for the Elderly set up the programme, which aims to benefit people from all generations.

B) The Colosseum was the first thing I wanted to see in Rome, but not the only one that impressed me. I used my camera a lot — Italy is a country with a great cultural heritage. Apart from the views, Italy is a country of delicious food — I’ve never eaten such gorgeous pizzas! I’d have certainly put on some weight if I hadn’t had to walk such a lot — we were saving on transport because Italy is an expensive country.

The talk on __(ENVIRONMENT)__ problems was boring,
and she wasn’t in the mood to listen to a __(POLITICS)__ talking about the government’s social programme.
She didn’t like the film on the next channel either. The plot seemed to be weak and confusing and even the __(FAME)__ actors were not able to save it.

ОГЭ по английскому, пробный тест 3

Dialogue В
A: Excuse me, can I have the key to room 209?
B: Yes, here it is.
A: And one more thing.
B: Yes?
А: I’m checking out tomorrow at noon. Can I leave my suitcase in the luggage room till 5 or 6 pm?
B: Yes, you can, no problem.

4. Due to the weather conditions The Dolphins have to fly a red flag very often.
1) True
2) False
3) Not stated

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