Mobile Device Management Ios

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Mobile Device Management Ios

ESET Mobile Device Management для Apple iOS позволяет удаленно настраивать параметры безопасности для iOS-устройств сотрудников компании.

Настройка белого и черного списков не позволяет пользователям устанавливать нежелательные приложения на своих устройствах.


Удаленная блокировка устройств или удаление всей конфиденциальной информации на них, в случае если они были украдены или потеряны.

Одну лицензию можно использовать для активации продуктов для различных устройств и компьютеров – в зависимости от потребностей компании в текущей момент.

All Apple iOS MDM providers use the same method for managing iOS devices, an XML document called the configuration profile with iOS MDM management. That XML spec is defined by Apple. The iOS MDM specification is allowed by request to Apple. Because of this, all MDM providers will provide basically the same basic features. It’s also important to note the (somewhat severe) limits of the configuration profile-based management:

So how will MDM providers differentiate themselves? That’s an interesting question explored in the sections below, starting with the Comparison of MDM Providers. For example, they could differentiate client agent feature, easy enrollment, enterprise integration, rule based policy changes, app life cycle management or scalability.

Mobile Device Management

  • Root configuration profile can be removed by the user
  • Device may be erased using iTunes
  • No OTA OS updates
  • Free and Paid apps cannot be pushed from the MDM Server (iOS 4 supports OTA in-house distribution)
  • No screen sharing to the device
  • No «Find my iPhone» functionality through MDM (For example, locate and alert sound )

In order to utilize MDM capabilities built-in to iOS 4, enterprises need to create push notification certificate from Apple. (visit and sign in with a verified Apple ID. refer: for detail)

With MobiLock iOS MDM, managing school devices are simple and hassle-free thereby saving the teacher’s valuable time. We simplify mobile device enrollment, application deployment & management, content distribution, and setting restrictions on students mobile devices. Across educational institutions IT administrators can seamlessly manage different types of mobile devices from a single dashboard.

MobiLock MDM for iOS supports supervised mode, allowing you to have enhanced control over the device. This feature provides additional configurations and restriction options for iOS devices.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution for iOS

Apple Device Enrollment Program provides a fast & seamless way for large-scale deployments of corporate-owned iOS devices that are purchased directly from Apple or through participating Apple Authorized Resellers.

Seamlessly distribute content to iPads and iPhones with MobiLock Content Management for iOS.

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