Атлантика Ответы на Квесты

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Атлантика Ответы на Квесты

Lady Knight
95 – Janet – 4. The Duty of the Knight : Knighthood
95 – Janet – 14. Protector of Virgins : Unicorn
95 – Janet – 19. The Oath : A Vow

130 – Area – 1. Praise Me : Great Ares
130 – Ares – 4. Twice Praised : Great Ares
130 – Ares – 7. A Warlike War! : Trojan Horse

Atlantica Online — Quest — Answer

เควส Which’s Lab
65 – Rose – 12. Let’s Change the Past! : Start
65 – Rose – 19. Painful Love Is Still Love : Love

The Ruler of Central Asia
115 – Tan-Liang – 1. Will of the Warrior หรือ RinPyoToShaKaiJinRetsuZaiZen

Quests can consist of single steps, but most of the time they are quest chains that consist of multiple steps with rewards for each step that lead to a better reward at the completion of the whole chain.

Side quests chains consist of optional quests that deviate from the main story line. Side quests have similar level requirements as the main quests for a given dungeon. In addition, side quests usually follow similar objectives as the main quest chain, but offer additional rewards. Unlike the main quest chain, however, side quest chains can be reset by trading a secrets of time book with Hui Chao as many times as desired.

Quest Chain

The main chain of quests composes the story line of the player’s journey to Atlantis. These quests can be completed only once per player.

Mercenary quests chains are optional quest chains that permit a player to obtain a grade C or better mercenary upon completion. Mercenary quest chains have slightly higher level requirements than the main quest chains for a given dungeon, and require a player to revisit that dungeon to fight different and more difficult monsters there. With the notable exception of the Monk, which can be obtained by other means, completing these quest chains is the only primary method by which these mercenaries can be obtained. The final reward for completing these quest chains is typically a non-tradable box containing the mercenary summon item, amongst alternative rewards. However, the mercenary summon item itself can be traded on the market. Like side quest chains, mercenary quest chains can be reset by trading the appropriate secrets of time book with Hui Chao as many times as desired.

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